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Diatomaceous Earth And Its Benefits

Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade

Also known as DE, Diatomaceous Earth is a form of sedimentary rock that builds the plankton in oceans and ponds. It is being formed from fossilized remains that are known as diatoms. These tiny sea creatures lived and died by millions. They collected on the bottom of the sea until they became one with the land. This goes back to the Jurassic period.

When observed, diatomaceous looks exactly like a fine powder. It is a light substance with a high porosity. However, DE goes beyond being just a fine powder. When placed under microscope, the glass looking fine shards of silica can be observed.

How do people use Diatomaceous Earth?

Until a few years ago, people used DE as an insecticide. It seems this element is the ultimate pest control tool. More than this, it is very safe and cost efficient. Being natural and filled with silica, the risk involved with using DE is minimal.

In soil management, diatomaceous earth is being employed for its amazing absorbing qualities. Farmers use it to dry areas that are too wet. Urine in kennels and stables is being dried with the same DE.

Other uses of this substance are maintaining the overall health of domestic animals, flea and thick control and parasite cleanse.

Health benefits of Diatomaceous Earth


Studies have shown DE is one of the greatest detoxifiers. Its molecular and porous structure has the ability to attract and trap heavy metals and toxins. When in the bloodstream, it soaks up mercury, infections, e-coli, drug deposits and so on.

As a weight loss accelerator, Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth dissolves the excess weight and keeps the bad cholesterol levels down. When the fat stored in cells gets burned more rapidly, the entire body starts to drop weight more naturally and easily.

Blood pressure levels are known to be decreased by DE consumption. Those suffering from elevated blood pressure levels need to use diatomaceous earth as their main health supplement.

The high silica level in DE makes it possible for the skin and healthy of the consumer to remain young and good looking. Silica is known to be one of the most effective anti-aging minerals. After only two weeks of using the product, you will notice your skin and hair looks much better. They will cast a young glow and a better shine and strength.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Side Effects?

Luckily for us, DE does not have a bad taste. You could mix it with water, juice or foods. It is better to use it in the morning, as it is known to elevate the energy levels. Since it is 100% natural and organic, there are no side effects associated with the consumption of this health supplement. Since it contains high quantities of crystallized silica, diatomaceous earth can’t be inhaled. This action would damage the lungs.

Even those who apply it on livestock or land wear masks when working with it. The way the final product has been obtained is also very important. If you want to consume it as a health supplement, check its label and see if it has been naturally processed.

Which Kind Of Diatomaceous Earth To Take?

Difference Between Food Grade or Human Grade And Non-Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth.

Diatomaceous Earth is available in two different grades – Food Grade [Human Grade] and Non-Food Grade [Industrial Grade]. Both grades of diatomaceous earth have their uses and can be beneficial for a variety of uses.

However, before you go out and Buy D.E, you should learn which grade of D.E. you need.

Diatomaceous Earth Powder

Diatomaceous Earth Uses

To determine which grade of D.E you need, you need to think about your use for Diatomaceous Earth. Food grade D.E. is the only form of D.E. that can be consumed, which means that is the grade of D.E. needed for human or pet consumption.

Likewise, human grade D.E. is best used as an insecticide.

Industrial grade D.E is primarily used as a filter in swimming pools and fish tanks. Businesses in the mining or construction industries also use industrial grade D.E to stabilize nitroglycerin, although no human will ever need to use D.E for this – at least personally.

The bottom line is Food Grade D.E. is for pest control, human consumption, and as an insecticide. Farmers can also use food grade D.E as an anti-caking agent on livestock feed in lesser concentrations. Industrial use is mainly to act as a filtering agent for a swimming pool or for a tank. In some cases, farmers may spread industrial grade D.E over a large field to prevent disease and parasites from overtaking soil before planting crops.

Using the wrong grade of D.E can negatively impact a human or animal’s health, so pay attention to which grade of diatomaceous earth you buy when at the store or online.

Diatomaceous Earth Handling

Diatomaceous earth is a natural drying agent so it should be handled with care regardless of the grade. However, industrial grade DE is much more concentrated than food grade DE and therefore humans should not come in direct contact with it. Gloves and a facemask should be worn at all times and industrial grade DE should be handled with care at all times.

Food grade DE is still strong enough to dry out the skin and cause irritations in the esophagus. Therefore, it is still a good idea to wear gloves and a mask if using food grade DE to remove pests from a garden or on a pet.

Diatomaceous Earth Consumption

Silalive Diatomaceous Earth

Food grade D.E is the only type of DE safe for consumption. It is recommended humans start with a small dose around one teaspoon and eventually work up to a tablespoon. This is so the body can become familiarized with diatomaceous earth.

It is not recommended that humans consume more than three tablespoons per day although excess diatomaceous earth is removed without really any effects on the body.

Industrial grade D.E should not be consumed by humans at any given time. If for some reason a human does happen to consume industrial grade DE, he or she should seek medical help to remove the industrial grade DE.

Once again, industrial grade D.E has a high concentration of silica and can cause severe effects on the body. This is why it is vital humans handle industrial grade D.E. with care and only consume Human Grade or Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth like SilaLive.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Uses

Diatomaceous Earth is white clay-like powder that is composed of the fossilized remains of marine plankton, which once were the main source of food in prehistoric times. As the plankton died, their fossilized remains fell to the bottom of the sea floor and eventually hardened and became the clay like powder, referred to as diatomite. The fresh water deposits of diatomite eventually were transported onto land where they are now mined. This form of diatomite is called food grade diatomaceous earth because it is the purest form of DE and can be consumed by humans and animals.

Is Diatomaceous Earth Safe For Humans

In humans, there are many benefits to taking food grade DE. Food grade Diatomaceous Earth contains a large concentration of silica, a much need element, as well as many other trace elements vital to our health. Some of the most common benefits of Diatomaceous earth include: stronger bones, teeth, and nails, improved skin health, improved joint health, lower blood pressure, and lower cholesterol, among many other things.

Food grade DE is one of the best ways to flush the body’s digestive system and remove toxins and other parasites from the digestive tract. DE can cleanse the digestive system due to its’ shape. Under a microscope, DE looks similar to tiny shards of glass. These sharp edges of DE scrape away toxins, viruses, and bacteria from walls the digestive tract. These harmful materials are then trapped by DE and removed during bowel movements. This allows your digestive system to be cleansed and function much more efficiently.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Side Effects

For humans, there are side effects of taking food grade DE. While DE is not specifically approved for human use, there have been no reports of any health problems in humans taking DE. Plus, DE can simply be added to any food or drink you consume throughout the day. If you do mix it with water or a drink, you’ll need to stir the mix to ensure the DE does not settle and start to thicken.

Most DE users take about a quarter cup a day or take DE in supplement form. Another beneficial aspect to DE is that it any extra DE you take will naturally be removed. Therefore, you do not have to worry about overdosing on DE in anyway.

Food grade diatomaceous earth can also be given to pets as well. Cats and dogs are commonly given DE as a de-wormer to remove a variety of kinds of worms from their digestive tract. It takes about 60 days for DE to completely remove any worms and any eggs in your animal. Some people also coat their cat or dog with DE powder, which is an effective way to kill ticks and fleas and helps repel any new parasites from latching onto your pets’ skin.

Food grade diatomaceous earth is a great way to cleanse your body from the various toxins we encounter each day. Plus, DE is incredibly safe and provides the body with many nutrients we do not receive enough of on a daily basis. This is why taking a DE supplement can dramatically improve your health and improve the quality of your life.


All Natural Silica From Diatomaceous Earth

Silica is a natural organic substance that is commonly found in places where bodies of water used to exist in the form of a clay-like deposit of diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth is a term used to describe the crushed remains of fossilized diatoms that existed in the oceans millions of years ago. These diatoms are described as a type of single-celled algae with cellular walls that are entirely composed of silica.

silica health effects

Silica Is The Most Important Mineral On Earth

Fossilized silica remains can be found in abundance on the earth’s surface in raw deposits of diatomaceous earth. Silica is one of the most important minerals on earth because of its many benefits to plants, animals, and humans.

When plants are grown in areas that are rich in silica, the roots of the plants utilize a variety of minerals such as silica from the earth in order to grow healthy and strong. Unfortunately, there are very few edible plants that actually retain a high amount of silica.

Over the years, as farmers have used the same crop lands over and over again, the earth’s silica levels have been depleted and the foods that are grown in the mineral-depleted soil today have a significantly lower amount of silica than foods that were grown 1,000 years ago.

Silica Research

Research has found that the human body requires a certain amount of silica to produce and maintain healthy blood vessels, cartilage, tendons, hair, skin, teeth, nails, and bones. Silica is also one of the most essential minerals that is needed to maintain a healthy heart, liver, and lungs.

It is scientifically proven that silica is found in higher amounts in children and teens as their bodies are flexible, energetic, and resilient. As we get older, the silica levels in adults decline at a steady rate until the silica levels become virtually non-existent in the body.

The most tell-tale sign of a silica deficiency is a progressive decline in the body’s overall health. Many people that do not have enough Diatomaceous Earth silica in their body suffer from chronic fatigue, weak nails, brittle hair, osteoporosis, painful joints, and osteoarthritis.

Signs of aging will also be more noticeable as the skin is lacking the silica that it needs to create collagen and prevent wrinkles.

Silica Deficiency

A silica deficiency can be easily corrected by taking a high grade silica supplement that will restore the body to a better state of health. While it helps build strong bones, teeth, hair, skin, and nails, silica also plays an important role in the health of the brain.

Scientists have recently linked the high intake of silica to the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s has long been thought to be caused by a build-up of aluminum in the brain. However, researchers have discovered that silica actually reduces the accumulation of aluminum in the brain, thereby preventing brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Silica is truly a youth mineral as it provides health, longevity, and overall well-bring. The best type of silica supplement to use is one that has a combination of fossilized silica and living organic silica, such as SilaLive.

Silica With Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth Silica Benefits

Diatomaceous earth is a soft, sedimentary rock that has one of the highest concentrations of silica. This rock is created from the tiny fossilized remains of a single-celled microorganism known as diatoms. Millions of years ago when these diatoms once existed in bodies of fresh water and salt water, their cell walls were primarily developed with silica to provide a strong cellular wall and growth capabilities.

Today, after many years of research, we have discovered hundreds of uses and health benefits for both living diatoms and fossilized diatoms.

Diatomaceous Earth Silica Uses

Fossilized saltwater diatoms are hailed as one of the best insecticides for gardens and crops, and they are also a great remedy to get rid of fleas and lice. This is due to the fact that diatomaceous earth is found in a crushed, powdery form with tiny microscopic particles that are jagged and sharp. When these particles come into contact with an insect, it slices up the exoskeleton to cause the insect to dry up and die.

The diatomaceous earth silica that is made from freshwater diatoms has been credited as a mineral that can help increase bone density, strengthen nails and hair, and build stronger teeth. This is due to the fact that the body requires silica to act as a transport agent for calcium so that it can penetrate the skeletal system.

Without silica to carry the calcium into the inner bone structure where it needs to be, the body will begin to show signs of a silica deficiency such as weak bones, brittle nails, old-looking wrinkled skin, dry hair, loss of hair, and bad teeth.

Diatomaceous Earth Silica Health Benefits

Diatomaceous earth has also been found to help lower cholesterol, remove toxic heavy metals from the body, cleanse the digestive system, and even treat the Candida yeast infection. While this seems like a miraculous discovery, it is merely simple science that we have discovered.

The diatomaceous earth particles have an electrical charge that attracts toxins, heavy metals, bacteria, fungus, and other harmful organisms in the body so that they can be absorbed and expelled through urine and feces.

Detox With Diatomaceous Earth Silica

In addition to being able to detoxify the body, freshwater diatomaceous earth is a great internal parasite remedy for animals and humans as it works just like it would on external insects by slicing them up and dehydrating them. While taking a substance with tiny microscopic shards of shells may seem harmful to the body, it has quite the opposite effect.

Even food manufacturers have recognized the benefits of adding diatomaceous earth to their foods in order to help safeguard their products from bug infestations. This means that most people have consumed diatomaceous earth in products such as flour, powdered mixes, and grains without even knowing it. Without a doubt, food-grade freshwater diatomaceous earth is safe to use and it provides a wealth of health benefits among its many other uses.

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