Diatomaceous Earth for Cleaning and Cleansing


Diatomaceous Earth for Cleaning

Diatomaceous earth is a popular natural cleaning substance prized for its ability to detoxify the body. Find out how this unique natural silica compound can help you clean and cleanse today.

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous Earth is a powdery substance that occurs naturally in the earth’s soil. The powder is derived from organisms known as diatoms. Diatoms are algae-like plants that have existed for millions of years and are among the oldest living creatures on the planet. When diatoms die, they leave behind a chalky white powder known as diatomite, which is then used to make diatomaceous earth.

There are two types of diatomaceous earth: food-grade DE and filter-grade DE. Food-grade DE is the type used on pets, humans, and gardens and is safe for consumption. Filter-grade DE has a higher silica content that makes it ideal for pool filters but less safe for humans and animals.

How Does Diatomaceous Earth Work?

Diatomaceous earth cleanses the body in two different ways.

First, diatomaceous earth contains tiny particles with microscopic sharp edges. When these edges come into contact with certain organisms – like insects and worms – they cut the pest and dry out its body, which typically kills it within a few days. This is the main benefit of diatomaceous earth and it’s the reason why it’s a popular bed bug treatment and insecticide for your garden. In the body, this same eviscerating action can also wipe out harmful bacteria like E. coli.

When ingesting diatomaceous earth, there’s also a secondary benefit: the unique honeycomb chemical structure of diatomaceous earth “soaks up” dangerous particles as it passes through your body (in a very similar way to another popular cleanser, charcoal).

This honeycomb chemical structure works because diatomaceous earth has a negative charge and bacteria has a positive charge. The bacteria latch onto the honeycomb structure, filling it up as it passes harmlessly through the digestive system.

Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth

Today, we know that diatomaceous earth has a variety of different purposes. It acts as a natural insecticide, for example. When ingested, it safely passes through the bodies of humans or animals while eliminating harmful organisms and heavy metals along the way.

Recent scientific evidence, for example, has shown that diatomaceous earth can eliminate E. coli, endotoxins, viruses, drug residues, methyl mercury, and organophosphate pesticide residues. Essentially, diatomaceous earth can detoxify the body.

Meanwhile, larger parasites within the body literally get “cut up” by the sharp edges of diatomaceous earth.

Ultimately, when consuming diatomaceous earth, you can expect to have more bowel movements. These bowel movements push toxins out of your body. Some people believe that diatomaceous earth cleansing can reduce your risk of all sorts of different diseases. Many people say they “just feel better” after consuming diatomaceous earth for cleaning and cleansing.

Other Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is prized for its ability to naturally cleanse the body. However, some people believe the unique powdery substance can be used to treat everything from Alzheimer’s to aging.

The benefits listed below aren’t backed by any significant scientific research. Nevertheless, diatomaceous earth has a significant following around the world where people believe it can be used to treat a variety of diseases and conditions.

At ProcessedFreeAmerica.org, for example, you’ll find people who believe that diatomaceous earth is associated with all the following benefits:

— Ward off Alzheimer’s: Silica reduces the accumulation of aluminum in your brain, and high aluminum levels have been associated with an increased risk of Alzheimer’s.

— Improve Heart and Lung Health: Silica can reportedly improve cardiovascular health by “fortifying blood vessels”. Silica supports the tissues in the walls of your aorta and other critical vessels.

— Stop Premature Wrinkling and Sagging Skin: Silica supports bones and connective tissue by raising levels of collagen (collagen is mostly made from silica).

— Boost the Immune System: By cleansing harmful parasites out of your body using diatomaceous earth, you can boost your immune system by fighting off viruses, bacteria, and allergens.

— Improve Bone Health and Prevent Osteoporosis: The body cannot absorb calcium without the help of silica. Some doctors recommend taking a silica supplement to boost your body’s absorption of calcium.

How to Use Diatomaceous Earth for Cleaning and Cleansing

The two most important things to remember when using diatomaceous earth are to use food-grade DE and drink lots of water.

Start by mixing one level teaspoon of diatomaceous earth into an 8 ounce glass of water before breakfast. Take another 1 teaspoon in water before going to bed. Some DE experts recommend using warm distilled water, but it doesn’t matter too much.

As your body becomes more accustomed to diatomaceous earth, you can safely increase your dosage to 3 level teaspoons of food-grade DE per day. HowToUseDiatomaceousEarth.com recommends repeating this process for four months, then continuing to take one level teaspoon of diatomaceous earth in your favorite drink for maintenance.

Is Diatomaceous Earth Safe?

Diatomaceous earth has proven to be very safe. It’s approved by the FDA and has no known side effects. It’s part of the FDA’s Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) database that contains over 370 food substances that have no known harmful side effects.

One reason why diatomaceous earth is known to be safe is because it’s water-soluble. Your body will absorb a certain amount of diatomaceous earth, and any excess DE will simply be passed safely out of the body. There’s no buildup or tolerance.

Whether you’re cleansing your body or just reducing your risk of diseases and illnesses, diatomaceous earth is a safe and natural treatment that can wipe harmful substances out of your body surprisingly quickly.

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  1. margaret

    where can I find it in Nairobi, Kenya

  2. Virginia Doyle

    This sounds very interesting. I was diagnosed with ischemic colitis this year. Is it safe for my colon?

    Also I see it is recommended for animals too. Is it safe for horses?

    I have used DE for years on fleas where it is very effective. Also on cockroaches. For years I lived in complexes and the CRs were terrible. DE was safe around pets and small children

    • Dee

      I dont know about ischemic colitis.

      It is used with horses and you can often find in feed stores and use it yourself as it is FOOD GRADE (MOST IMPORTANT!)
      It is total safe I hear though you dont want to breathe it alot as basically it is silica and fine. I am not too concerned with a little bit on rare occasion but best to try to avoid.

      The garden and pool variety for cockroaches may not have been food grade.

  3. Dew

    1) Does DE kill good bacteria too (probiotics)?

    2) Can it produce anemia due to its chelating properties?

    3) Are there any contra indications for people with Crohn’s disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Colon Polyps, or any other similar conditions?

    • Diane

      I suffer with IBS and want to know if it’s safe to take

    • Nina Mihaylova

      Is diatomaceous earth safe for someone with IBS / I have this/ or with rectal carcinom /My husband was recently diagnosed with it/ ?

  4. Juan

    We just found Carpenter Ants in our apartment. My wife is 4 months pregnant. If I use Food Grade DE can it hurt our baby?

    • Dee

      I dont think using it for ants could hurt your pregnant wife. Whether it is safe for her to take in water, I dont really know. It is basically silica, fine silica, like sand is but coarse.

  5. Carolynne

    Where can I buy diatomaceous DE in kenya

  6. Nikki

    Has anyone with Lyme’s Disease tried DE?? If so what were your results?

  7. Linda rankin

    I’m going on my first week of taking 1/2 tsp every morning of diatomaceous earth I have many problems especially gastrointestinal and constant constipation, inflammation blah blah blah I have tried more organic hints to get rid of a lot of my problems no avail . This sounded like my miracle from heaven . So I’m going to keep trying waiting for some results , I drink lemon water all day long but I still cannot go to the bathroom it’s actually getting worse since I started on this . Any suggestions . The reason I take a low dose is because I am one of those people that no matter what the doctor gave you I have to take either much less does or has the opposite affect , i’ve been on a probiotic for three years they said I have to but I stopped taking it when I started this mainly because I can’t afford Good probiotic Still looking for too many results from diatomaceous earth but will take any helpful hints. 👌

    • tr

      to go to the bath room regular, eat a couple dried prunes.. it will work. I did this but they were so good I ate a few more, and a few more.. ha, ha. you might want to just try 2 -3 a day and see what works for you a half a bag.. is a little much as I found out. !!!. Good Luck. !

    • Jen

      DE dries you out. If you don’t drink a lot of water you will be constipated. At least 1-2 liters daily. It should help give you more BMs with enough water. I take it only once a day (1/2 teaspoon) with magnesium powder(1/4 teaspoon). Every other day. It has helped with stomache issues and ezcema.

  8. Shirley

    I would to start taking this product, I would like to lose weight and improve my also skin, hair and nail. What amount of the food grade product should i start taking

    • Kelly

      Heaping tsp. 2 times a day…working up to 3 x day.

  9. Jackie

    Is DE safe to take if you are on other medications? Will it hinder their efficacy?

  10. Lisa

    Do you know if DE helps with diverticulosis. I am trying more natural remedies as a preventative as I dont want to keep taking antibiotics. I find Hemp capsules help a lot.

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