Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Which Kind Of Diatomaceous Earth To Take?

Difference Between Food Grade or Human Grade And Non-Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth.

Diatomaceous Earth is available in two different grades – Food Grade [Human Grade] and Non-Food Grade [Industrial Grade]. Both grades of diatomaceous earth have their uses and can be beneficial for a variety of uses.

However, before you go out and Buy D.E, you should learn which grade of D.E. you need.

Diatomaceous Earth Powder

Diatomaceous Earth Uses

To determine which grade of D.E you need, you need to think about your use for Diatomaceous Earth. Food grade D.E. is the only form of D.E. that can be consumed, which means that is the grade of D.E. needed for human or pet consumption.

Likewise, human grade D.E. is best used as an insecticide.

Industrial grade D.E is primarily used as a filter in swimming pools and fish tanks. Businesses in the mining or construction industries also use industrial grade D.E to stabilize nitroglycerin, although no human will ever need to use D.E for this – at least personally.

The bottom line is Food Grade D.E. is for pest control, human consumption, and as an insecticide. Farmers can also use food grade D.E as an anti-caking agent on livestock feed in lesser concentrations. Industrial use is mainly to act as a filtering agent for a swimming pool or for a tank. In some cases, farmers may spread industrial grade D.E over a large field to prevent disease and parasites from overtaking soil before planting crops.

Using the wrong grade of D.E can negatively impact a human or animal’s health, so pay attention to which grade of diatomaceous earth you buy when at the store or online.

Diatomaceous Earth Handling

Diatomaceous earth is a natural drying agent so it should be handled with care regardless of the grade. However, industrial grade DE is much more concentrated than food grade DE and therefore humans should not come in direct contact with it. Gloves and a facemask should be worn at all times and industrial grade DE should be handled with care at all times.

Food grade DE is still strong enough to dry out the skin and cause irritations in the esophagus. Therefore, it is still a good idea to wear gloves and a mask if using food grade DE to remove pests from a garden or on a pet.

Diatomaceous Earth Consumption

Silalive Diatomaceous Earth

Food grade D.E is the only type of DE safe for consumption. It is recommended humans start with a small dose around one teaspoon and eventually work up to a tablespoon. This is so the body can become familiarized with diatomaceous earth.

It is not recommended that humans consume more than three tablespoons per day although excess diatomaceous earth is removed without really any effects on the body.

Industrial grade D.E should not be consumed by humans at any given time. If for some reason a human does happen to consume industrial grade DE, he or she should seek medical help to remove the industrial grade DE.

Once again, industrial grade D.E has a high concentration of silica and can cause severe effects on the body. This is why it is vital humans handle industrial grade D.E. with care and only consume Human Grade or Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth like SilaLive.

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  1. liz

    can diatomaceous help my dog with kidney problems?

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    What do s the benefit to humans if they consume DE

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    Does it get rid of pin worms?

    • Magaret

      I’m looking to get rid of cockroaches. How do you use it? What amouunts.

  4. Bette

    Can food grade DE kill intestinal parasites in humans? If so, how do you take it?

    • Kathy

      Yes I use it every day and I managed to be healthy while others around me are sick

  5. I have used DE for my chickens, dogs and cats for several years and after reading the contents of this website I wonder if it will be safe for me to take it myself. I am on a cocktail of prescribed medication for conditions from which I suffer including Parkinsons.
    Will it be safe for me to take DE even if I reduce the dosage of my prescribed medications whilst increasing the dosage of DE? If I ask my GP I know what he will say because he is not a great believer in alternative medicines.

    • Didi

      I just read an article on the benefits of taking organic coconut oil for parkinsons xxx

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