Diatomaceous Earth


Heavy Metal Detoxification

Heavy Metal Detoxification Diatomaceous earth is a popular natural way to cleanse heavy metals from your body. Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know about using diatomaceous earth for

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Diatomaceous Earth for Gardens and Plants

Diatomaceous Earth for Gardens Diatomaceous earth (DE) can be found in gardens around the world. Today, I’m going to explain why using diatomaceous earth in your garden might be the


Diatomaceous Earth for Bed Bugs and Insects

Eliminate Bed Bugs and Insects Diatomaceous earth is a popular natural way to eliminate bed bugs, insects, and other annoying critters. Here’s everything you need to know about eliminating bed

What Is Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth?

What is Diatomaceous Earth? Also known as DE, Diatomaceous Earth is a form of sedimentary rock that builds the plankton in oceans and ponds. It is being formed from fossilized

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Food Grade D.E. Supplement

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Uses Diatomaceous Earth is white clay-like powder that is composed of the fossilized remains of marine plankton, which once were the main source of food in