What is Orthosilicic Acid? (Organic Silica Information)


Orthosilicic Acid Review

What You Should Know About Orthosilicic Acid:

No, I'm not starting a chemistry blog here. True, this is about orthosilicic acid, a chemical compound but the real value is what this compound can do for us. People who take it as a dietary supplement can see real benefits and it's thought that Orthosilicic Acid might also help with certain medical conditions.

So yes, there is some light chemistry here but only enough to get us started on the same page as far as understanding what we're dealing with.

Orthosilicic Acid 101

Forget orthosilicic acid for a moment. Let's talk silica. Scientists know it as silicon dioxide and many of us who've heard of silicon can relate because it's simply an oxide of silicon. Silicon of course is the second-most abundant element on earth, after oxygen.

Silicon is an important component of the minerals on this planet. When combined with oxygen atoms, it forms the quartzes, feldspars and other minerals in the earth's crust. We call these silica. Finally, none of these are to be confused with silicone, which is what you get when you combine silicon with carbon and oxygen. It's not found in rocks but it is used in the medical world in things like artificial joints and pacemakers.

Now here's where orthosilicic acid comes in. It's sometimes called soluble silica, since it's a dietary form of silicon. In other words, it's in bioavailable form so humans can ingest it and benefit from its properties. One could say that orthosilicic acid is the bioavailable form of silocon.

Silicon, of course, is known to play a role in bone mineralization, the creation of collagen, skin and hair as well as nail health, immune system enhancement, and even Alzheimer's disease mitigation. Therefore, it's believed by many scientists that orthosilicic acid could very well have health benefits as well.

It's found naturally in seawater, drinking water, and beer. We also get silicon naturally from some foods like oats, barley, and polished rice.

What the Science Says About Orthosilicic Acid

Currently, scientists concur that orthosilicic acid has not yet been studied in lab settings enough to be able to draw any conclusions about its health benefits. What they do know is that there is a lot of silicon in the connective tissues of the body, with smaller concentrations found in the liver, heart, lungs, and muscles. It's for this reason that reduced levels of silicon in the body that comes with ageing could be linked with all sorts of health problems like atherosclerosis. Therefore, silicon supplements should logically work to combat these issues, since it this may prevent the degenerative process.

So that's why people take orthosilicic acid. It naturally follows that since it's found in connective tissues in the body, taking the supplement can help with collagen production and bone structure. Both of these are linked to degenerative diseases.

There are studies showing the link between silicon and growth and skeletal development in baby chickens. Chicks who did not receive silicon supplementation or who were deprived of silicon exhibited retarded growth.

Another study shows that ortho-silicic acid stimulates the synthesis of collagen type 1 in the human body. In the abstract for that study, it's mentioned that silicon deficiency is a problem for humans because it causes issues with the bones.

So there we have it: silicon helps bones and tissue, and Orthosilicic Acid is the form of silicon that's available for easy human intake. That means anything from brittle hair and nails to osteoporosis or painful joints can be improved by ingesting orthosilicic acid supplements.

A Final Word On Orthosilicic Acid

Remember, although the benefits of taking orthosilicic acid supplements seem clear and the substance itself seems natural and safe, it's still largely an undocumented supplement so far.

Scientists simply haven't studied it enough or long enough to know about long-term effects of taking this supplement. There's limited research but consumers take comfort knowing it's a natural compound found in many common foods anyway. Always consult your physician before taking any supplement…better to be safe!

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  1. Jenny S

    I just wanted to leave a short comment and say that I am impressed a supplement contains both organic silica and diatomaceous earth in one product! I am right along with you the more I read the more I see that silica is a great mineral to have for your health!

  2. Allison Lee Sears

    This is a passionate Thank you and Praise you. I love Diatomaceous earth. It’s so great for all sorts of things to heal you from top to toe. You are doing the exactly right thing for our great Americans and for our country. You are going 120% above the mark to keep us healthy. You are Heroes and Champions. Please, if you will, stand tall, shoulders back and give a great big smile to all working with your company you are true Winners 4 America. We need you. We need your minerals not just for us but also for our animals and all of our great plants. Diatomaceous earth! Amazing. Astounding. Just stick with it: America needs more of you. Me? just an artist who loves to throw paint and loves life and people. Praise you!

  3. Stewart Scott

    When I read silicon rich mineral water was good at helping to clear the body of aluminium, I wondered if it would help my Ulcerative Colitis after reading Professor Exley’s work on AD (Alziemher’s Disease), it was wonderful, but it made my stool very soft, then too watery, but I added silica to try to calm the inflammation in the colon.
    It worked, returning my bowel movements to normal. I’m still drinking the water, but not quite as much as I started with 1 litre/day. The idea being to reduce the amount of exposure to Aluminium, used in water clearing.

    • Lilo

      To eliminate all the toxins from your drinking water, it’s best to use a water distiller. Only distilled water, in conjunction with a small charcoal filter, is free of toxic additives like fluoride acids, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides etc. My health has greatly improved since I got mine from H2OLabs (I don’t get reimbursed for this referral. After much research on the Internet, I found them to be the best option.)

  4. Amy Wallis

    Thanks for all the info. So can I buy same product for my cats and me? Also can it help w sciatica? Or does anyone know what will? I cannot stand up anymore!

    • Gretchen

      Use CBD oil for sciatica. I work at a health food store and have healed people’s sciatica with CBD oil!!! One lady told me she hasn’t felt this good in 12 years after taking CBD oil for just one day.

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