Diatomaceous Earth Review

Review of Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a term that refers to the naturally formed sedimentary deposits, which are rich in silica. These deposits are derived from the fossilization of diatoms, which is a type of single-celled algae and a common type of phytoplankton.

After conducting several research studies, scientists have found that diatomaceous earth, abbreviated as DE, is truly nature’s gift to humanity as it offers a wealth of health benefits and is also used in a number of industrial and agricultural sectors.

Salt Water DE vs. Fresh Water DE

Diatomaceous earth can be divided into two categories: the salt water based DE and the fresh water based DE. Basically, the salt water based DE is commonly used in the industry as it is one of the essential components of paint, concrete, bricks, and other similar products.

However, this type of diatomaceous earth exhibits adverse effects to humans and animals, and thus can only be used in manufacturing industries. Another use of salt water based diatomaceous earth is to prevent insects from ruining gardens and crops.

It acts as a natural pesticide that effectively kills and eradicates pests by using its razor sharp shards of shells to slice the exoskeletons of the insects, causing dehydration and eventually death. In addition, it can also be applied on pets and on the carpet to get rid of fleas and lice.

The fresh water based DE is primarily used in the agricultural industry. This type of diatomaceous earth is an essential medium in filtration systems that aids in the purification of water and also in the production of wine, beer, and other beverages.

Fresh water based diatomaceous earth also provides a multitude of health benefits to humans, plants, and animals. It is primarily used as an internal cleansing agent in humans to prevent people from acquiring various kinds of illnesses and diseases from unwanted, harmful organisms such as intestinal worms and other parasites.

Main Health Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth

Strengthens Hair, Teeth, and Bones

Diatomaceous earth is loaded with silica, which helps human hair grow to be healthy and strong. By using DE on a regular basis, baldness can be prevented as it strengthens your hair follicles. In addition, the silica found in diatomaceous earth is required by the body in order to build and repair weak, brittle bones and teeth.

Silica prevents the deterioration of bones and teeth by acting as a transport agent for calcium so that it can be carried to where it is most needed by the body. Without silica, the calcium that is supposed to be building and repairing bones, teeth, and hair gets stored in various parts of the body. This will cause buildups of calcium in the wrong places, resulting in bone spurs and painful joints.

Suffice it to say, diatomaceous earth is truly an amazing substance that is capable of increasing one’s health and overall well-being. Food grade diatomaceous earth has been proven to be both safe and effective, so using it as a health supplement is highly recommended by many naturopathic practitioners.

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  1. SP

    I have leaky gut from many years of parasite, including tape worm, infection. So larger particles of diatomaceous earth will likely enter my blood stream through the intestinal wall. Is this safe for me to take? I would be taking it for the infestation. Thank you.

  2. Larry


    I am interested in your Diatomaceous supplement. Can you direct me to some of the scientific research studies so I can learn more?

    I am hoping this can make me feel better.

    Thank you!

  3. Janie tello

    Is this product good for h pylori. I have been on antibiotics and am tired of this medication. Please let me know if someone has used it for h pylori

  4. Jackie

    I had a small build up of calcium build up above my heal on my tendon. I started taking 1 tablespoon of DE with juice everyday for about two weeks. As I was getting out of my car I stepped backwards and I ruptured my tendon. Could DE have anything to do with my tendon rupturing? I have read where it is good for tendons.

  5. Christy

    If I start this product does it have an effect on any meds I am already taking? Like blood pressure med or anti-depressant?

  6. physillisidum

    My boyfriend has Lupus, and I believe I have it to along side possibly other worm parasites. Physicians wont put it in writing but say methamphetamine helps lupus. If I do meth and take diatomaceous earth the only effect it will have with the meth is just detoxing my body of the residual. Is this correct?

  7. jamie castillo

    My fur baby was shedding alot during winter,she’ is short haired & a strawberry blond, 2 yr old puppyI could see her skin above her feet wear she has been chewing feet really intense,on her sides in a couple places,around her ears,her face,back,top of but,lower part of her legs where getting brown,darker &darker,my mate said she needed a bath,gave her bath & in couple days it start getting brown,I investigated on the internet,by now it’s been couple months,I’ve always been the 1 to do meds on all my fur babies , I told my mate what I found she told me u can’t belive the Internet &that she doesn’t have mange, this has made me very very sad for her I cried alot over this,( my mate told me I should go see a therapist, she said it’s in my head,3 4 mo. Later I feel movement in my hair& they come out & get in my ears & on my bodyunder my skin also eating hair falicales they bite hard&go under skin,I have sores
    all over,my fur baby dosnt have anysoresI thank god,don’t have to shave legs or arm pits,public hair gone, mate won’t even look,I’m very misrable,I know my fur baby (dog)is more miserable then I am she can’t do anything to fix it,so her & I are going to try Diatomaceous earth food grade cleanse & diet,fallow step by step (came in mail yesterday,got 10 lbs) Both of us r starting today,Please wish us luck I’m afraid that we will have this mange until we due from it
    ,Ive already tried many things kleen consentrate & other home remedies,all it did was aggravated them, l mentDermadex mange,my partner shut me down when I mentioned she could possible have mange,she wouldn’t even discuss it period,she said she had mites in her ears, got her a script without prescription from new Zealand, I have been the 1 to do meds on all our fur babies,so I got mange from my sweet fur baby. How very sad,I’m really more worried about her then myself,I cry for her everyday,she gets up with me & cuddles,we can feel each other’s pain.. I’m thankful none of our other fur babies have gotten this,I’ve isolated us both, we have 3 bedroom housr & no children,have had company either,Landry, baths baths,trying to keep everything clean, I apologize if this book isn’t understandable
    Thank You so much for listening to me ramble on &on while tears a falling . We really don’t feel well. I’ve been praying & praying that this ends in a good way for us, Could someone help pray with me, Please we need all ur prayers…

  8. Lydia Hendricks

    Is this product good for diabetics on oral meds and insulin

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