CelaPool Review – Low Dust Diatomaceous Earth Pool Filter

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CelaPool Review

EP Minerals, LLC, just announced the release of its newest product, CelaPool. Considered a revolutionary new, low dust diatomaceous earth filter aid, CelaPool is moving the pool industry towards more low dust products for use in filtering and cleaning pools, whether for personal use or industrial. As EP Minerals is already a global leader in the industrial minerals sector, the success of CelaPool is a non-starter.

The previous best-seller pool filter product offered by EP Minerals was Celatom DE, which quickly became the number one choice for pool professionals. Despite its popularity, however, there were complaints about Celatom DE, the most frequent being that it caused too much dust to enter the pool.

EP Minerals decided to develop CelaPool in response to the complaints about the high dust levels in the pools using Celatom DE. CelaPool doesn’t just offer the same benefits of other diatomaceous earth filters, it also has a low dust level, so pools can stay pristinely blue and sparkling. Because CelaPool is so easy to use and offers much less mess and waste than other options on the market, EP Minerals is expecting their newest product to be just as popular, or more so, than Celatom DE.

What is CelaPool?

As mentioned above, CelaPool is a new low dust diatomaceous earth, or DE, filter aid that can be used to create beautiful, perfectly clear and clean pools. The forefather of CelaPool, Celatom DE, has been an extremely popular product, considered the first choice for swimming pool professionals. However, EP Minerals, the creators of CelaPool, wanted to offer customers a low dust option, and CelaPool was the result of this desire.

While the low dust feature of CelaPool is one of the biggest things that sets it apart from other filter aids, there are several other improvements on the product that make it much easier to use. For one, it now comes in a leak-proof plastic bag that is thermally sealed. This allows users a cleaner handling experience.

In addition to having a new bag, CelaPool also comes in three different sizes, so there’s something for everyone, no matter what the size of their pool or needs. These sizes come in six pounds, 12 pounds, and 24 pounds.

The new packaging doesn’t just making using CelaPool much easier and cleaner than other options, but it also makes storing the bags of the product easier. CelaPool can be stacked, taking up less space in storage areas so it’s not an inconvenience. In addition to being stackable, CelaPool also comes in sturdy, thermally seals plastic bags. These bags make it very easy to use CelaPool, but also keeps them safe in wet, pool environments, keeping moisture from getting in to the product.

From the Creators

Because CelaPool is only being previewed at the moment, there isn’t a huge amount of information about the product available yet. However, the product manager of EP Minerals’ CelaPool has released a statement about the new product.

“For years, we listened to swim pool professionals complain about the dustiness of our swim pool diatomaceous earth filter aid, even though they knew that DE was the most effective for creating a crystal clear and clean pool. Now we have a low dust product that addresses that issue, and we’re pretty excited about that. There’s nothing else like CelaPool on the market today.”

Those who have seen the effectiveness of CelaPool at its preview were quick to agree about its amazing benefits. EP Minerals has been previewing CelaPool at the Western Pool and Spa show. This show, which goes from March 10 through March 12, takes place at the Long Beach Convention Center. CelaPool can be located at booth #737.

About EP Minerals

The makers of CelaPool, EP Minerals LLC, are definitely not new to the DE pool filter game. Considered one of the leaders in industrial mineral products, such as DE, clay, and perlite, EP Minerals has long been looked up to for its innovative advancements in the mineral industry.

EP Minerals doesn’t just make pool filters with its experience in minerals. In fact, the unique minerals used by EP Minerals are used in the food and beverage industries, as biofuel, in landscaping, paints, and even insecticides. EP Minerals also uses its minerals as filter aids, absorbents, water purifiers, on sports turf, in plastics, and as functional additives. Many of the products created by EP Minerals are patented, so they’re the only ones able to provide these products.

In addition to the pool filtration and additive work EP Minerals does, it is most proud of the many ways it has help people remove harmful trace metals from water. One of its most well-known products is a filter that removes arsenic from water. By making water in the world a little bit safer, EP Minerals is making a difference, using unique minerals, such as diatomaceous earth.

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