Silica Supplement Guide (DE vs Orthosilicic Acid vs Horsetail)


Welcome everyone, this is your self-diagnosed silica experts and we are here once again to shed light, truth, and respect on Nature's Miracle Mineral SILICA. We are going to deliver an amazing explanation of silica. It is literally the magic element. Thank you so much for joining us. I can't wait to share what I have to say about silica. This is something that many leading health experts, gurus, and enthusiasts are going to elaborate, expand, and touch on nonstop for many, many years now. Silica is really the “elixir of youth.”


Well allow us the blessed opportunity to be freely facilitating the silica transformation by sharing and showcasing its piezoelectric properties, crystalline qualities and carbon-upgraded treasures.

We are going to have a great discussion and likely debate on one of the greatest forgotten and hidden (yet universally abundant minerals) miracles so vital and critical for all biological processes in all living life forms and organisms to function. Let's take the necessary time, focus, and attention to go into lengthy detail about all of the Silica resources, product supplements (diatomaceous earth, orthosilicic acid, horsetail extract), food sources, benefits (skin, hair, nails, teeth, bones etc), health effects (detox/cleanse), and more.

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We will then bring it full circle with our 7 Day Diatomaceous Earth / Silica Detox Diet Cleanse program featuring our amazing proprietary complex blend: SilaLive Silica Supplement.

Without further ado, let's jump right in.


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Diatomaceous earth, commonly referred to as DE, is ancient sedimentary fossil remains of algae. This type of algae is microscopic and commonly referred to as a diatom. There are two symmetrical shells that give the powdery material an abrasive quality. This substance occurs naturally and is so soft that it crumbles into a powder.

There are several properties that make DE ideal as a means for filtering. The particles are extremely small and can be measured in the micrometer range. A micrometer is one millionth of a meter, and one meter is just over three feet in the decimal system.

The chemical composition of DE is fairly simple and straightforward with about 85% being silica, on average. The more you read about DE, the more you'll realize that it is the silica that is responsible for many useful health applications. However, diatomaceous earth has a wide range of uses in several other industries outside the health industry.

In addition to being a filtering substance, DE has mild abrasive properties, which have made it useful in other ways such as in toothpaste. Other uses also include for coating materials, absorbent products for liquid spills and other uses, and insecticides. The interesting part about insecticides is not that DE is toxic, but it's the mechanical interference it causes for insects.

There are literally dozens of other uses for these fossilized algae, and you have probably used them without knowing it. Modern science has found a use for DE in the form of helping to purify DNA for research experimentation and medical applications.

Diatomaceous earth was first discovered in the early 19th century in Northern Germany. People first thought it was limestone, which it is not, and that led them to use it in their crop fields. Even back then, there was interest in DE, and Alfred Nobel, of Nobel Prize fame, used it to make gunpowder. But not all uses for DE concern science, agriculture, or industry. It was only a matter of time before research turned to medical uses.

Since DE is taken from the earth, it's only natural to have all kinds of microscopic, organic material present. This raw form of the substance will contain a healthy amount of living matter such as bacteria. This is one thing you should keep in mind if you ever buy it as a health supplement. You'll find DE on the market that has been prepared to varying degrees for consumption.

Food grade diatomaceous earth has been through a process that essentially purifies it. There may have been irradiation applied to kill off microscopic living matter. What is exciting about DE is there are many medical conditions that can be responsive to it.

When DE is ingested, very small amounts of silica will enter the blood stream. This has been shown to have a positive effect on human blood lipid profiles. This creates a rippling effect on the cardiovascular system, and eventually the whole body. That is just one way DE can provide health benefits and there are many more.

1.1. A Short History of Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth, or DE, was “discovered” in Germany in the 1830s by a farmer who was digging a well. One accidental benefit at the time was the farmer mistaking it for limestone. He applied it to his crops and fields and enjoyed the natural insecticide properties of DE. That was no fluke though because DE is still used today for gardens and agricultural fields,  and very many additional uses have been found for DE since then.

One of the most widespread industrial uses, or applications, for DE is for filtering. There are thousands of reasons filtering is important.  For example, swimming pool maintenance is a huge industry especially in the US. Diatomaceous earth filtering systems are an excellent way to remove particulate matter from swimming pools.

The reason why DE is so effective is the microscopic porous quality it possesses. The almost subatomic pores, or holes, in the fossil remains of the algae impart this quality. In fact, you can filter out particles down to 3 to 5 microns.

Diatomite has mild abrasive qualities which lends itself to many uses such as toothpaste. Another more industrial purpose is for polishing various surfaces. You can find metal polishers that contain this useful substance. Just about anything that needs to be finely scrubbed is a candidate for a DE application.

Consider the very short history example mentioned above. Today, DE is widely used a natural insecticide which makes it very popular. People are more concerned than ever about using toxic chemicals in their gardens. Some farmers have the same concern and use it in their agricultural crops. The reason DE works so well is the very fine dust kills insects of any kind. Several things happen when insects are exposed to this dust.

The dust is highly abrasive to very small organisms such as bacteria, fungus, parasites, and insects. The particles actually cut the organisms because DE contains very sharp edges that cut the exoskeletons of insects, parasites, etc. It's similarly compared to how broken glass would cut a human's skin.

In addition to cutting the exoskeletons, the dust can effectively clog an insects' bodily openings and interfere with breathing. Essentially, DE dust can smother insects in addition to causing physical injuries.

Diatomaceous earth has tremendous absorbent capabilities and this has thousands of uses in industry. If you have ever bought a bottle of vitamins, maybe you've seen the small bag inside the bottle. That is called desiccant and is used to absorb moisture. Desiccant material is also used all throughout industries in various systems that require a very dry atmosphere. Other absorbent applications are for containing large spills but this requires large amounts of DE. Some cat litters use silica due to the strong absorbing qualities, although this type of DE is not from marine sources.

Silica, diatomaceous earth, and various derivatives of organic silica have a multitude of uses in science. From genetic engineering to common scientific analysis in which gelatin (silica based) is used. There are simply too many applications to list which attests to the extreme diversity of uses for DE.

You always want to be sure to use food grade DE for internal use. Never assume that silica or diatomaceous earth is food grade. Some uses are also ideally suited for either marine DE or fresh water. So you need to be mindful of what you're buying and how you use it.


Up until to the 1950s it was widely believed silica was just a trace mineral, meaning we only needed a small amount to support life. Now, with further research due to some very important people, whom I'll talk about, silica is now considered one of the top 12 elements necessary for life.

I really like what Klaus Kaufmann, author of Silica: The Forgotten Nutrient, calls it in the opening of his book. He calls silica an elixir. He says that it is literally the philosopher's stone. That's an amazing title. That's actually the original title to the Harry Potter movie, The Sorcerer's Stone. That's the American title.

The philosopher's stone is supposed to be a magical item that imbues humans with immortality and silica really is that, because organic silica is in the human body as well as in all new growing life forms; new animals, new humans, new plants. It's the substance that makes babies bouncy. It's the substance, the yin, that everything is coming from, and it has the intelligence, like fiber optic intelligence, for communication and self cell communication. It orchestrates all the other minerals in growth and development and it is major for growth and development. We'll talk about how it affects aging and degeneration over time too as its ratios change.

In new life we have an abundance of silica that comes from the womb of the brand newborn baby. There is no calcium. Silica is taking in the food and it is growing from its own source all the other minerals, and it's especially producing calcium. It works with all the minerals. Every year that we get older we accumulate more and more calcium, and we have less and less silica.

As we get older, we start finding, especially with women, that silica levels stabilize around the age of 10, before dropping. After 40 silica levels really starting to go down, but with women it's a far greater  than it is with men, and this correlates to the increased risk of osteoporosis for women. I think it's because women have to use so much silica to help create new life — for the essence, for the substance, for the yen, for the chain of the new life form, the baby — that they lose much more silica.

On a daily basis we're losing 10-40 mg of silica a day, just cutting fingernails, hair growth and just living in general. Silica is in some foods, but it's hard to absorb it. It's important we talk about some special silicas.

First off, it's really important to learn about biological transmutation. This is a term that Professor Kervran came up with in 1966 when he published his book. I don't really think we would have the philosopher's stone if it wasn't for this man.

He started as a young man, a young scientist, living in Brittany. He lived in a part of the country that had no limestone, no calcium in the soil really, and very high in slate, flint stone and mica. These are high silica elements. He observed the chickens in the yard and how they pecked incessantly at mica. He observed how they laid eggs with shells of solid calcium. He observed when his mother cut open the chickens and cut open the gizzard that there was just silica sand left behind. There was this sand left behind from the mica, but the silica aspect was gone.

He became so obsessed understanding the science. How could a chicken lay an egg with solid hard calcium when there is no calcium in its diet? It just seemed impossible. This kind of spurred a lifetime work for this man, and he ended up doing controlled studies later with chickens. He was determined to figure out being how chickens had solid, hard shells made of calcium, yet when he took the silica out of its diet, the shells were soft, they didn't work and didn't form solid, hard calcium shells.

He gave birth to a new science called biological transmutation. To me, this science is right up there with epigenetic, quantum mechanics. It's like the top, leading edge transformational sciences and ways of understanding nature that we have today. Biological transmutation is hard to be taken seriously by traditional chemists and biologists and scientists because it's not based on in a Petri dish. It's based in real life and in the real world through organisms. Elements are changing into other elements. They are sort of shape shifting and growing, and it's how the dance of life happens, and it's part of nature.

With physical organisms, we're born with all this silica, and we're just so pliant and so soft. We grow and grow, and when we're full adults, 50% of the protein in the body is structural protein. Its connective tissue, and connective tissue is made of mucopolysaccharides – mucus and carbohydrates which help us hold the moisture we have, then yin, the fluids – collagen and elastin. The collagen and elastin is made from silica.

Silica really seems to me, the more I think about this, that is correlates very much with yang, because all new life is given this massive bank account of organic silica from its mother, or from its source, how it grows, etc. – and it never really adds back to that. It's always through life going to use that silica using the organic silica it's born with, its “bank account” so to speak, to orchestrate mineral functions and all its biological activity and cell division.

We have a fair amount through rapid growth in our high cell turnover teenage years, and then it stabilizes for a certain degree as young adults, and by the time we're 40, it's getting less and we're losing elasticity to the skin. It's getting thinner and our hair quality and our bones are changing. Our joints are changing, and the way we organize our minerals, especially the main electrolytes like phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, potassium, hugely involved in the underlying element here, which is silica.

Silica is the second-most abundant element in nature after oxygen. That's big. In the human body, we have all this silica when we're young, and we have all this health and all this softness and pliability. We have strong bones growing. The bones have strength, and they have flexibility, and we don't have minerals where we don't want them; like the chief electrolyte calcium. We don't get atherosclerosis and kidney stones and things like this when we're in our teen years, and it's because of the silica. The silica is creating it.

The neat thing about Professor Kervran's work is that he proved those 14 atoms of silica and 6 atoms of carbon makes 20 atoms of calcium, and he took these chickens, he gave them no calcium and watched then grows solid, hard calcium eggshells. When he took the silica out of their diet, the eggshells would not even become solid. They were soft and couldn't form the calcium. He's got the equation down, the science on how life, the source element silica, creates calcium and creates the other nutrients and creates the most readily usable form of calcium. We still need some calcium from our outside diet.

By the way, all outside minerals that are coming from our diet and all minerals that are organically in the body are utilized to its maximum potential when the organism is in its high silica state, which is that of youth. The older we get and the more we burn out our silica reserves, and now the minerals are not going where they're supposed to go, and the real big one that's such an issue that I wanted to focus on, is the calcium.

The older people get, the less silica they get, and now calcium does not working properly. It's not going into the bones, it's building up in places where it's not supposed to be; like in the arteries and with kidney stones. If you look at a lot of the top degenerative diseases, like tuberculosis, which is the most popular one with the most science and research proving the connection to silica deficiency? There has to be silica deficiency in that part of the body for a period of time before the problem arises.

When they look at atherosclerosis, they've done studies, and the arterial tissues in the area with the atherosclerosis forms is 14 times lower in silica than other parts of healthy arterial tissue that doesn't have atherosclerosis. The silica is higher there, and it doesn't allow this excess calcium to build up and create that problem. When they've taken animals and done x-rays on a weekly basis of rats with broken bones, and they give them increased organic silica that can actually be used by the body, they see a very rapid knitting of the bones in growing back and forming within two weeks.

When we look at the quality of the skin, the hair and all the joint connective tissues, it all comes down to the silica. It works somewhat with vitamin C to help make this collagen and a little bit of manganese, and some people believe proline and lysine, like Matthias Rath's work, doing help with this elasticity.

Basically, aging is loss of elasticity. The arteries, when your heart beats, it's pumping blood out to the arteries, and the major arteries when you're young, and your tissue is so high in silica, it flexes like a soft rubber hose, and the blood goes in, it flexes back and it pushes the blood further on down the arteries. The skin is flexible, the hair is thick, the calcium is where you want it.

The amount of collagen from silica in the bones when we're young makes the bone matrix so dense, and it's the silica that is a very important part of the osteoblastic activity of making the calcium attach to the bones in that dense network. When the bones really have a solid structure of collagen, the network is so dense that the strength of the bone is very high, but because of the collagen, the bones actually have flexibility. They can bend and be very strong and be very dense, and we don't have calcium in the arteries, or in kidney stones or in joints.

Over time, when we're burning out our electrolytes and our minerals go out of balance, we have more stress, we're throwing or electrolytes out of balance, and your body is trying to compensate the pH to maintain health, and it breaks down the bones to get calcium as fast as it can to put it into the blood stream.

Oftentimes, when the body is trying to heal an injury, like when there's inflammation, it'll do the same thing. It'll put calcium there because it's trying to get an alkaline electrolyte to bring balance back.

The real healing we need is the silica. Silica is largely responsible for making up the quality of the whole lymphatic tissue, of all the flexibility of the arteries, it's really important in the brain and in the nervous system tissue. With high silica amounts are brought back into an adult you can have decrease in insomnia, decrease in mental focus and depression. Silica helps to prevent infections and bacteria. I've used silica personally doing mouse shot doses, and I could feel the Candida going down in my brain. I could feel long tunnels of silica just going right into the thyroid and then going into the chest.

You look at diseases like tuberculosis and whatever lobe of the chest has the infection that is growing, that part with have the least amount of silica always. That's what invites the infection in. Whether it goes to the pericardium, the heart, the lungs or the chest, it can even go to the kidneys and the liver, it can be pretty serious.

Silica is a natural protector. It helps remove the uric acid and the nicotine from the cells. It's a detoxer. It helps rejuvenate the lung tissue. It keeps lung tissue pliable and soft, which is really important for someone that's been a smoker and is trying to rejuvenate their help, or if you live in a city. The sooner you start with the silica, the better.

The most popular herb for silica is horsetail. Again, this is Kervran's work here. He really learned about silica. I don't think we'd be able to harness the philosopher's stone, the young element, if we didn't have his research. If you take silica in a mineral state, let's use horsetail, the plant, as an example, if you take mature full grown horsetail in any other time of the year besides spring time when it's growing and when it's at his growth phase and young and blooming quickly, if you take mature silica, that is going to have hard, crystalline mineralized silica particles in the plant.

This is why going back to ancient times they always used silica as an abrasive cleaning agent. They would break out brittle pieces of a branch and use it to clean things because it has quartz in it. It has pieces of quartz crystal in it. Animals that graze on mature silica it actually wears their teeth down and wears down the tooth's enamel. Yet, biological, organic silica, actually builds up the enamel.

It strengthens the teeth, it heals the gums and it strengthens all the connective tissue, all the cartilage tendon ligaments, it thickens the skin, improves the hair and improves the immune system. It improves the lymphatic system, and it improves the cardiovascular system. It keeps orchestrating the balance of all the minerals, so your bones stay strong and wear they're supposed to be. It literally can stop aging or even reverse aging if you know how to use it with the right program. It's the most amazing element.

It was his research that got this on. He was the first one. Once he understood that silica is the underlying factor in biological transmutation and organisms as an element and as a mineral, it works like a precursor, with an intelligence for growth and development, and it's part of the aging process.

We have all this abundance of it when we're young, and it just goes down, and there's nothing we seem to be able to do about it as it's just part of nature, constantly transmuting this and that, and this and that, we burn out the reserves of the silica. Then the minerals are not orchestrated, and the calcium we lose it in the bones, and we gain it everywhere else we don't want it, and we're aging.

He was the one to find a way to reverse this process. He took young horsetail plants, grown in the spring time, when the tissue is gentle and soft and the silica is in a different state, and if you do an aqueous extract, a water extract only, the bioflavinoids that are naturally present in the silica, they bind to the organic silica at the youth state, of bloom or of growth, of the plant, and they come out in the water. It's chelated silica, chelated to water-soluble bioflavinoids. The Greek word for chelate is lobster claw, or crayfish. That's what the bioflavinoids do. At any angle with any silica around it, it can clamp onto it, grab it and pull it out of the plant into the water.

Now we have aqueous, organic, living, raw silica that's in the youth of bloom's state, the gene state. This is like an extracellular matrix stem cell shot or something. This is the juice that gives babies their bounce when they're so young. You can take it from a plant, if you take it at the right state, but I think it's really interesting if you're doing all the right things for your health and you don't know about silica, but you've got the vitamin C, and you've got some of the other minerals, and you've got great food, and you've got the enzymes, how does the biological transmutation work? What's making the wheel turn? It's enzymes. Where do the enzymes come from? They're coming from the gut. This is a whole other aspect here.

In the popular Body Ecology System by Donna Gates, she talks adamantly about the abdominal brain in healing the gut, and the gut-brain connection. She talks about restoring the missing microflora, the beneficial bacteria that supposed to live in the abdominal brain. Once you do that, she says you can have a calcium deficiency, and it would be corrected because of the bacteria in your gut.

When you eat just green plant foods that have silica in them, depending on the age of the plant food. If it's a young, brand new shoot – like barley grass juice powder, the dried juice of barley and wheat grass and a few other young plants, then silica is easily absorbed by the body.

When you juice that, and all green foods have silica in them, but when it's young, the silica is more in the vegetal, organic, bio-available, youth state of growth, the gene state. If it's an older plant, you get silica in there, and it's a hard, heavy, mineralized silica that the body can't break down very easily and can't use very much of. In the presence of a healthy gut, when you're eating these silica foods, your uptake of silica is going to be excellent. The beneficial bacteria produce the teeth of digestion, the enzymes, and the enzymes convert the silica in the food into the most readily usable form of calcium.

The best calcium you're ever going to get is always going to come from internal, biological transmutation, or conversion, of silica. Any way you can increase bioavailable silica that's used internal in your body to orchestrate all your minerals for growth, development, health, elasticity, youth, strength, vitality and well being, is in your best interest. Any way you can get silica is important.

I want to outline just a few, basic things if you were to get on a silica program. Of course, probiotics and good digestive health. There is definitely a correlation with all the studies I've found that people with digestive problems, especially with low hydrochloric acid levels, much higher accounts of osteoporosis and calcium imbalances, with people who have low hydrochloric acid levels.

That really points true to Donna's work. He says that if your ecosystem is out of balance in your gut, and you don't have the good bacteria, you're not going to biologically transmute silica into calcium. You're not going to convert minerals the way they're supposed to. The bacteria do a lot of other wonderful things, too, but that's not the subject of our talk.

As far as silica goes, I would try to learn this while you're already young and you still have silica, so you can really preserve what you got, but it's still going to help someone in advanced years, and if you get on a therapeutic, rejuvenation silica program, you can make a big difference, a really big difference. The sooner you start, the better.

You can take various doses of these foods, and you can take it ongoing as a food. It's totally safe. SilaLive Silica Supplement is the only silica-based supplement with enhanced food grade diatomaceous earth (85% silica) and orthosilicic acid (organic silica) which offers 2 highly beneficial and lucrative ingredients for whole body health, systemic regeneration, and cellular rejuvenation.

I've experimented a lot with this product. When I first learned about silica, I started with the more processed [salicylic] acids, like the [BioSil] and stuff. This is a compound of processed silica and water. These do work to a certain degree.

Dr. Nicholas Perricone, a dermatologist from New York, has a lot of great books, a lot of good information for the public out there. He's big into organic silica supplements, and he says he can literally see some of his patient's bone structures change, their skin quality and their thickness, and he really thinks about it from a core structure point of view, which is great. But it's actually the worst, in my opinion, probably the worst and the most synthetic and possibly dangerous silica you can start taking.

Upon more research, I found people who have had heart palpitations, insomnia and different reactions. A lot of people are fine if they do the label dose. If it's the only silica you can find and you want to add it to your silica regime for a while, it's probably okay if you stick to the low dose. But you're better off, if you're going to supplement with a more natural silica, the best form is the SilaLive Silica. The Living Organic Silica and Food Grade D.E. have a possive double-edge effect, supplying superior detoxification and cleansing methods while enhancing tissue regeneration and skin, hair, nails, and bone renewal. Only minute amounts of the Food Grade D.E. get absorbed into the bloodstream, where as the living organic silica is readily usable form of silica in the body, but it works very organically.

A phone conversation with a company, the American company, for organic silica, and I got a guy named Felix on the phone. He knows it all, and it's great. He e-mailed me a whole bunch of stuff, and I got the whole history on it. I want to lay it down, where it comes from. It's so safe, and your body will excrete whatever is extra. It's amazing; the organic silica is really nature's perfect energizer and building blocks. I'm back on it because I've been taking high doses, and I'm feeling dramatic, immediate changes in my health and my joints, everything, in my sleep.

I wanted to say how it's made, what year it's made and what versions, when it came from Europe to the United States, what happens when you take it in the body, that it doesn't store and it breaks down easily and it's so safe. Then I want to include it in my recommendation for silica therapy. A generous amount, the full label dose. I don't want to go extreme in dosages because everyone is different. It is best to warm up and add as you go when taking silica supplements.

Take the full label dose of SilaLive Silica ongoing, which would be 3 heaping scoops per day and to get high silica foods in the diet and avoid high silica mineralized or crystallized silica (our Food Grade DE is 100% pure amorphous silica), like mature horsetail, over consumption of mature horsetail or mature high silica foods, because those don't break down that easily, and they can actually build up in the body.

Now, exploring the potential of silica and biological transmutation for the human body and how it's like the source element that is the raw abundant element material in new life, which catalyzes the mutation for other elements to occur in proper ratio for growth and development and youth, it's just natural the way the organism works. This element expires, the silica goes down, and then the transmuting of other minerals goes out of balance.

One the main electrolytes, calcium, builds up, and you can look at the calcium on the teeth. We get more calcified plaque on the teeth when we get older and have less silica. When we add silica, it starts going away. Connected with that calcified plaque is calcification in the arteries, and I think there is a direct correlation there with dental plaques and heart disease.

With the increased silica, there seems to be a rebalancing of the calcium, dental plaque is rarer, kidney stones don't develop, and your body produces collagen and elastin more efficiently. These things start to grow. Now we get bouncy, we get youthful, and we keep mutating at the young stage of life where we're blooming still. We can expand that mutation process, and we can bend the law of mutation to our benefit, by knowing how to maximize silica transmutation in the body.

Start when you are as young as possible, although starting at any time is smart.. You'll get benefits no matter when you start.  You want to avoid the crystallized, hard metallic silicas, or any supplement company that says they're selling an ionic silica or mineral supplement. Do not take that. There may be a chance, if it's mono-atomic, or if it's angstrom, that you're getting some absorbability, but it's also dangerous. You're building up crystals in the body, and you don't need that.

You want the spring horsetail silica, young green foods. The barley grass juice powder is fantastic, and the wheat grass juice powder in there that's grown in volcanic soil with platinum Ormus group minerals. You want millet. I think it's the ultimate Body Ecology grain and is highest in silica. Quinoa is probably fairly high in silica, too, but I think it's great to rotate grains.

Part of my silica therapy, with the BED system, has come from the use of high-quality, gluten-free, protein seed-like grains. Millet, quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat. Amaranth is very gooey when you cook it and looks of mucilage and very great for pulling on the intestines. It's really delicious. It's high in silica.

Quinoa is probably the wildest, highest in nutrition grain across the board, and the highest in protein. It's the most alkaline whereas other grains are mildly alkaline and some are neutral with the buckwheat being actually acidic. With buckwheat we want to add a little sea salt when we cook it to bring up the alkalinity, or with sea vegetables.

All these grains are high in silica, and I always enjoy rotating. If I do a small serving of cooked grains two or three times a week, when I have quinoa the next grain I pull out of the bag in the fridge is going to be the millet. I'll soak that overnight and cook it the next morning. Then, a few days later, the next grain I might have will be amaranth and the next one buckwheat. I like to rotate. For silica content, the millet is the highest at 500 mg per 100 grams of silica content.

We can use these grains. The highest grain is oats. Raw oats are really nice to chew on, but the gluten has an ill effect for a lot of people. Even if they don't notice the effect, it produces glycation in the body, even if you don't seem to have gluten intolerance, so I prefer to avoid the gluten. Oats do score the highest at 595 mg of silica per 100 grams.

The younger foods are better. It is youth element. It is the [jing] substance. The SilaLive Silica supplement is the number one best silica product we have. It's great, the Kervran research that we have to add, but another group of scientists in another part of the world, going back to probably around the same time period, ironically, like 1957, the scientists invented the first version of silica supplementation. It was called GE1 in Europe.

They did this by finding certain bacteria that could ferment silica sand, like hard, rock, crystallized silicone, in an element like sand. The bacteria will actually eat the sand down and ferment it, and create a byproduct called silicon oxygen molecule byproduct, which then they found a way to stabilize and molecularly and chemically bond to water. Basically, this monomethylsilanetriol is a silicon oxygen molecule with a proprietary process bound to just water. That's what David Wolfe calls it. It's like spring water. It's just silicon and water.

There is research on Wikipedia showing people around the world that drink waters that are high in silica have a greatly reduced level of dementia. Even with 10 mg a day I think there is an 11% reduction in cases of dementia and other mental problems because of the silica and the way it works in the brain and aging and the nervous system of the brain, the central nervous system. On the other side of the coin, people that are drinking water that doesn't have other minerals, like magnesium or silica, but is really high in calcium, are kind of doing the opposite. They're going more on the aging path with that kind of water.

This organic silica found in SilaLive Supplement is like a spring water. It does go through a proprietary laboratory process in order to create this bacteria that ferments the sand, and then they stabilize this silicon oxygen molecule, and then they bond it to water. Then it's in the bottle, and there's no preservative in SilaLive. It doesn't go bad, and you don't have to refrigerate it, which is amazing.

2.1. Other Organic Silica Facts

In 1957, Europe had an Organic Silica product called G1, the first version of its' kind.  Many different doctors, continued working on the research and continued working with different versions. For example, just 24 years later researchers developed G4.

This was the first version they started actually selling to the public in Europe. However, it was still considered new and kind of radical. The internal science that was studied in certain research places, like in Spain, wasn't getting recognized by other parts of Europe, so it was still pretty much kept in secret.

In 1995, silica went a little more mainstream when the version G5 came out in Europe only, and that's the version still available in Europe today. It has gone through several revisions of the whole process of the bacteria-fermented sand creation process in which causes oxygen to bind to water which makes the final product.

In 2008, G5 comes to the United States. It underwent a name change because a co-distributor set up in America, and it's know known as Living Organic Silica. It's still the same G5 product, just with a different name.

David Wolfe, I know, is a big fan of this product, and he first learned about it from a cowboy in the valley who has a small hill store called Superior Health Products. He specializes in unique, off the wall, odd products that are really special, and I found out about it from his shop.

I've used Living Organic Silica on and off for several years. I got inspired by no reason at all, about a year ago, to try a higher dose. I started taking 8 ounces a day, leaving it on a North Pole neodymium magnet to charge overnight, and then getting up and mouth shooting a gulp at a time, a full 8 ounces a day. I did this for about a week or two, and I felt amazing. I felt improvements in skin elasticity, my joints, energy levels, and my overall health.

The main thing is I felt improvements in my central nervous system and my brain. I noticed an improvement in sleep. It was really substantial, and a reduction in stress levels. I felt very positive, and I felt very upbeat, but I didn't take it too long, because to one of my other clients I mentioned what I was doing, and he was concerned about me. He did some research, because he said, “Have you researched this monomethylsilanetriol? Do you know if it's safe to take that much all the time?”

I said, “You know what, actually I haven't. I just kind of went by a gut instinct. I don't know if I'll keep taking that much. I just tried it, and I'm kind of just experimenting here. I just didn't really tell anybody else.” He printed out a file from the European Food Safety Authority , the EFSA, that if you Google monomethylsilanetriol, the name of the compound in Organic Living Silica, on Google, you'll come up with the EFSA file probably.

Certain people provided different versions of this product, and they had it tested, and they came up with poor reviews. They said there was no research that shows any proof or shows that it actually converts into silica in the body. There is no proof that it's actually safe for long-term research, so I ended up talking more extensively and getting a lot of e-mails from the company and getting the background history of the scientists and the doctors who worked on the earlier versions – G1, G4, G5 – and how this product is actually made. Now I'm really excited, because I feel very, very confident.

This is actually a super-safe substance. These scientists have unlocked a key for us to extract this element, silica, and get it into our bodies as adults and get it to work like in the spring of youth, health and life, which was almost impossible to do with any other food substance. What happens with this bacteria ferment of silica sand and silica oxygen molecule bound to water, when you take it in it absorbs immediately into your body and goes through and converts into silica that's totally usable, like a 60% conversion rate as opposed to anywhere from 4-15% with other foods.

Any excess silica that's not needed. If you're taking more than your body can possibly use for your jing and for your health, it just excretes it out very safely. I think about the full dose, and the earlier labeled doses, labeled manufacturer recommendations for Living Silica, like in 2008 and earlier versions, it was 6 tablespoons a day, which was 3 ounces, which was for runners and athletes that were really trying to get peak ligament and tendon flexibility. That's what they were recommending. It was very safe for consumption.

On the more recent labels I think they've been just a little more conservative, and I believe it says just 3 tablespoons a day. You could follow either label instruction. I'm following the earlier label instruction of 3 heaping tablespoons a day and vitamin C on my program, and high silica foods, like the celery, cucumbers, barley grass, etc, millet. I think I'm getting amazing results, and I'm very, very excited about this product.

It's pretty readily available. You've got to try it if you've never tried it. It's great to take an ounce or two straight in your mouth and hold it. It's kind of smooth and is very silky, and if you massage it with your tongue inside the mucosa of your upper and lower lip, you can feel the slippery stuff. It's like water, but it's slightly slippery. You can feel it absorbing. As it's absorbing you can start to feel the effects.

If you mouth dose the full label recommended dose of 3 heaping tablespoons, if you did that every day I think you would experience some beneficial changes quite rapidly. It's going to be different for everybody based on their silica needs and how much they're losing in their age range, etc. I think if you're really interested in utilizing the law of transmutation to your advantage, it's the number one element you want to restore and keep to activate in the system.

A little bead of the living organic Silica gel, just like the size of a pea, you rub it into your elbow and you keep rubbing it quite firmly until it penetrates and dries in about 30 seconds to a minute. You can feel it going right into the tendons and ligaments. That's why they call this living silica. It really acts as if it's alive, like it's your silica that you're growing and you have when you're young. It goes right in and has activity.

According to their research, and I'm still following up with some of the e-mails at this moment and getting the proof of what I've been told, but from what I've been told is their research is that it produces fibroblast growth factor, FGF, and that helps produce stem cells in the collagen, tendon and ligament cells. Scientists have researched now proving how the living silica from SilaLive Silica stimulates fibroblast activity as it grows into the body, and that stimulates stem cell production, and that's where it helps rejuvenate.

When I started to understand fibroblast factor, that took me back to laminine research, which is an embryonic food, that stimulates fibroblast growth factor and can influence stem cells. Then that that took me back to cell therapy injections – embryonic material from black New Zealand sheep – and the cells are not yet species specific, but they are becoming organ specific.

This embryonic fluid, this juice, this jing, that is correlated with living silica, the living silica that comes from new life from the embryo, that has the jing, that is responsible for stimulating fibroblast growth factor and stem cell production. It is a big part of the whole jing scenario, and I see massive parallels here that are all looping together, and light bulbs are going off for me personally in my brain, on how this is all connected on a core anti-aging program.

Taking living silica into your body at a therapeutic dose, like the 3 heaping tablespoons per day, the full dose according to SilaLive ongoing, literally is like a form of embryonic cell therapy. You're putting an element which comes from the youth of the embryo that is only abundant in your body at the beginning of life. You're putting it back in, in its living state, like it works biologically. It's activating those other post-cursor, or pathways, of fibroblast growth factor and stem cell. This is big. This is very deep.

I think the place to start is SilaLive Silica. Start doing your mouth shots, and take it daily. Ormus Super Greens, add vitamin C, boost your enzyme production, especially if you're over 27. Take systemic enzymes, because they're catalyzing the conversion of this silica. They're boosting it. Get these different angles on silica and start maximizing the youth element.

Now you have the philosopher's stone, and you are bending nature's laws of transmutation for maximum longevity. That's really special. That's really amazing.

2.2. The Health Benefits of Organic Silica

You can find organic silica in a variety of sources, including supplements. The more scientific name is orthosilicic acid, but it's still silica (as a derivative) like you would find in diatomaceous earth. One thing that's most important is that this mineral supports many bodily functions. One of the more popular uses of it is to support your hair, skin, and nails.

Silica based supplements and herbs, such as horsetail, have been around for decades. The beauty industry is massively huge, so outward or external benefits are desirable. You should also consider organic silica for internal support and health, as well.

Organic silica is excellent for supporting bones and connective tissue. Your body needs healthy connective tissue for internal organs and the largest organ which is your skin. You probably know that degrading connective tissue, with age, is why wrinkles appear and skin begins to sag. Some scientific research has indicated silica may be equally important as calcium for healthy bones.

Research in the past 10+ years has discovered an important role of silicic acid in the form of orthosilicic acid. The latter acid is needed for the production of collagen type 1 and the creation of osteoblastic cells. Osteoblasts work to form and shape bones and this is a dynamic process which means ongoing. It's also important to know that osteoblast activity decreases with age.

Collagen type 1 is a critical component in the complex process of collagen formation and collagen is a factor in the production of connective tissue.

So that in a nutshell is why organic silica is so extremely important for healthy skin. You can rightly think of silica as an anti-aging factor but what also makes silica such a critically important nutrient is the effect it has on overall health and vitality.

Many people with advanced arthritis suffer from what appears to be bone deformation. This effect is apparent when joints lose flexibility due to loss of collagen. Tendons and ligaments need silica and its' biochemical by-products for health and flexibility. One of the important support areas for osteoblast cells is the overall mineral matrix needed for healthy bones.

Byproducts of Silica in the body help calcium, zinc, and other minerals for continued bone growth and nutrition. Yes, your bones need their special type of food so they remain strong and youthful but remember that a healthy skeletal structure also depends on tendons and ligaments. Once again, returning to collagen formation, it is this (protein) factor that is needed for healthy bones.

We have really only touched on the many areas and biochemical processes that depend on the amount of silica present in your body. Still, you should keep in mind your entire body needs to be able to use the nutrients it receives. So while it's vitally important to ingest adequate amounts of silica in your diet, just be sure you're doing all you can to support your needs for optimum health.


3.1. Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade Human Grade Benefits

If you are just new to Diatomaceous Earth, you may be surprised to know it contains an abundance of health benefits. But is this really, earth material? Yes, it actually is but it's not like regular, old dirt.

DE, for short, comes from the ground because it is a fossil of ancient algae. And for that reason that gives it the amazing properties that are good for your body. Purified DE makes it food grade and therefore human grade designations. An entire book can be written about the many benefits available, but for now let's just focus on a few.

Let's talk about the mineral qualities found in Diatomaceous Earth. Some lesser known publications have discussed how much the agricultural earth has been depleted of important minerals. You can get a better understanding about poor health when you add in highly refined foods. Food grade DE taken in supplement form gives your body a host of beneficial, natural minerals. For example, it contains iron, magnesium, silica, and calcium.

In addition to natural minerals, some of the healthy benefits are stronger bones, teeth, hair, and nails. DE also gives you protection from various infections due to fungal over-growth. These benefits extend to both humans and other mammals such as your pet dog or cat but the benefits do not stop there because ongoing research has discovered many more benefits.

DE helps boost the immune system through a variety of processes. It's best to consume a safe and healthy amount of fluids, in general. If you take food grade DE, then stay hydrated and just mix it with water or juice. A good amount of fluid in your body will help disperse DE throughout your digestive tract. This is important because it has an absorptive effect on toxins in your gut

Private studies on the effects of DE in the blood have shown that it offers protection from certain viruses and bacteria. It's quite possible that it uses the same mechanisms as it does with external, agricultural applications. DE is know to interfere with microscopic organisms, such as bacteria.

There have been thousands of news articles about how important a clean colon is to health – so it's no surprise at all that Diatomaceous Earth works very well to keep your lower GI tract and colon clean. The real culprit in your GI tract and colon is the build-up of undigested waste. This entire process creates a toxic environment conducive to unhealthy bacteria, as well. DE has a marked ability to detoxify your colon and lower GI tract.

3.2. Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade – Human Grade Supplements

Consumers all around the world are in no short supply of nutritional supplements. What they may have not yet discovered is food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) in supplement form. DE is a natural substance formed over millions of years from a special type of algae. DE can be taken from either fresh or salt water sources.

However, for the purest, human grade material, you'll want to only use fresh water sourced DE. In addition, this material should be processed in a way that purifies it so that the supplement in question contains only pure DE.

Some people may have concerns about safety considering DE is called “earth” for a reason. You can find diatomaceous earth used in hundreds, if not thousands, of applications. This just reflects the unique properties that lend this fine powdery substance to so many uses.

As a supplement, you only want food grade as mentioned above. Beyond that, the only precaution is to avoid breathing the DE dust. This is a general caution that extends to humans and anything else such as pets, etc.

The very fine particles should be kept out of the lungs due to its abrasive quality. On the other hand you need to consider how much is inhaled. If you're taking a spoonful and mixing it with juice, then this will generally not produce much airborne matter, if any. Just so you are aware though, the dust can cause irritation to the nose, throat, and lungs.

The other possible concern is experiencing constipation. The primary cause of constipation result from poor hydration while on a regimen of DE. What's interesting and should be remembered is low levels of hydration can contribute to constipation so proper fluid is important

The supplement industry, in general, is not tightly regulated. Oversight can seem to be minimal with intervention occurring if there are a large number of negative reports. You'll need to be diligent about what you buy and where the DE supplement is made.

There are many benefits possible with Diatomaceous Earth supplements. Studies have shown over the years that DE (food grade) can help reduce a high cholesterol condition. The primary ingredient of DE is silica which is a mineral. And it's this property that makes DE so powerful for health reasons.

Medicine and nutritional research has shown that increased age brings on a variety of nutrition related conditions. Elderly citizens will experience issues with mineral absorption such as with phosphorus and calcium. Well, the silica in DE is terrific for helping the body to absorb these minerals. There are also early indications that silica may play a critical role for those with osteoporosis.

3.3. Diatomaceous Earth for Pets

More pet owners are discovering the benefits of Diatomaceous Earth for their dogs, cats, birds, and other nature's friends. A good way to think about DE is that it provides the same benefits to your pets as you would enjoy. You can do more with animals because they get fleas and hopefully you do not! DE is not toxic although there are some precautions you should take. We'll cover that and more as you read on.

Your pets will be naturally protected from insects, internal parasites, ear mites and more. Diatomaceous Earth can improve the internal and overall health, as well.

Essentially, DE is fossil material created by algae millions of years ago. This “earth” material exists in rich deposits and undergoes processing for non-industrial use. A very close-up look at DE will reveal what appears to be ground up glass. That's a common explanation and analogy people like to use.

It is this microscopically feature that gives it the ability to kill microscopic organisms. The DE causes mechanical damage to bacteria, very small insects and parasites. And this can happen either outside the body or internally. But it's safe for internal use, but make sure you are using food grade DE.

One important note is Diatomaceous Earth is restricted in some US states such as Texas. Therefore, you'll need to do your due diligence before buying a DE supplement.









How Pets Benefit from Diatomaceous Earth?

Here are a few benefits your beloved pets will receive from DE. Always be sure you are not using industrial grade DE on your pets. Ingestion of non-food grade DE can be fatal to your pet.

DE eradicates, controls, and eliminates the following:

  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Ear mites
  • Lice
  • Worms

You also need to know the best, most effective – and safest method for using DE for different pet problems. The most often-cited precaution is to always avoid breathing in the finely ground DE dust. Remember how DE kills micro-organisms due to the sharp microscopic edges so you can imagine what can happen if it gets in your eyes, or the eyes of your pets. In general, you want to keep the dust out of the mucus membranes which means the nose and mouth.

Fleas are the most common problem with outdoor pets. You should still use food grade DE for exterior applications because you know how pets clean themselves. For fleas, you'll want to apply a small amount of the DE dust to the coat. Be extremely careful with this and avoid using too much. You do not want to create a dust cloud, and always move away from the head area, toward the tail.

You can and should find additional information about using DE, or you can talk to a qualified and knowledgeable veterinarian. When it comes to your pet, you cannot be too careful.

We've talked mainly about external or topical uses of DE, but let's not forget about supplementing your pet for internal health. How much you give your pet, or other animals that are not pets, depends on the weight. No matter what you do though, it's important you take the right steps to ensure your pet stays healthier, for longer.










3.4. Diatomaceous Earth for Bed Bugs, Ants, Fleas, Mites, Garden, Plants


There are few natural substances comparable to Diatomaceous Earth (DE) in terms of usefulness across the board. In our age of synthetic compounds and side effects, DE is a tough competitor with few precautions for use. The toxicity of DE is zero, and the only concern is keeping the dust out of the eyes, nose, and mouth.

A quick summary of DE's action on insects of any kind is to remember the main precaution with continued breathing of the fine dust granules. Insects such as bed bugs, fleas, mites, flies and other small organisms are unable to withstand the dust's effects. It's easy to imagine these small insects will quickly be overcome by the dust. The dust attacks and damages their eyes, mouth cavity; protection shells coverings (chitin), and internals.

Diatomaceous Earth granules are extremely small, microns, and have very sharp, rugged edges. The dust will cause very small cuts on all parts of insects. Another effective quality is the very small size of the granules will interfere with the insect's ability to breathe. Essentially DE effectively eliminates insect populations in a variety of ways – and all without any toxic chemicals.

Bed bug infestation is a widespread problem for millions of people. You can easily apply DE to get rid of these embarrassing and unhealthy critters. To treat your bed, carefully dust the mattress top and work it into the material. Be sure to dust on the sides of the mattress, as well. Flip the mattress and dust the underside because you want a protective layer of DE between the box spring and main mattress.

Be sure you take precautions if you have pets, and it's best to avoid dusting your carpet so your pets stay safe. You do not want your pet getting the dust in the eyes.

If you want to protect your plants and gardens from damaging insects, simply use DE either as a dust or a solution of DE and water. Information based on personal experiences provide a wealth of information about how effective DE can be. Here is a list of various insects vulnerable to Diatomaceous Earth.

Remember that you have to treat your plants at the proper mixture, or solution. DE can treat against the following: aphids, ants, cockroaches, boll worms, corn worms, common house flies, fruit flies, spider mites, termites, boll weevil, and there are more.

For mixing solutions, you'll find some differences with suggested ratios between DE and water. You can do some research and get ideas, but in the end you can simply experiment on your own. Remember to keep the solution mixed well before using since the DE can settle to the bottom.

You can use Diatomaceous Earth to treat practically any kind of growing plant, bushes, or trees. You have some options with either spreading the dry powder or applying the DE/water solution. For trees, you can directly put the solution on the trunk.  However, keep in mind that DE as a solution can have a drying effect, so avoid using too much.







Trees: Sprinkle liberally on the ground and around tree trunks. Tree trunks can also be painted with a mixture of Diatomaceous Earth, water, flax soap or a wetting agent. This will inhibit migration of various fruit flies (maggot stage), worms and the Japanese Beetle (grub stage). When a spray is desired, refer to spray rates.









3.5. Diatomaceous Earth for Systemic Detoxification, Internal Cleansing, Parasites Control

Every day, your body is exposed to toxins and even parasites, and the latter are always in your body to begin with. The strength and integrity of your immune system determines how well you fight them off and stay healthy. Another challenge you face each day is fending off the effects of acute and chronic stress. Couple that with quality of sleep and your diet, and you are walking a tightrope. That's why you need to explore and learn more about Diatomaceous Earth, a natural supplement.

Ever since Diatomaceous Earth (DE) was discovered over 100 years ago, science has found hundreds of uses for it, but today we're only concerned with detoxification, internal cleansing, and controlling parasite populations. Each year, more research is validating claims everyday people have experienced for decades. Food grade DE properly used can remove waste, parasites, and toxic bacteria in your intestinal tract.

The mechanism by which DE cleans and detoxifies your body is relatively simple. Imagine flushing out your entire gastrointestinal tract with a gentle scrapper. DE makes its way through your system in exactly that manner. It does not harm your body as it's performing this action. This is not a chemical action at all, in fact it's purely mechanical.

So the exact sequence of events is your GI tract is scrubbed clean, and that allows you to eliminate all that toxic debris. You've achieved the internal cleansing benefits which is in effect also detoxifying your body. What you should then do is eat healthy foods that are probiotic and those that have prebiotic qualities.

Probiotics are those foods containing fermented ingredients such as yogurts for instance. Probiotic bacteria are the healthy kind your body needs to digest foods and wastes. A healthy body contains larger populations of these beneficial bacteria than harmful strains. Any food that contains prebiotics, such as kiwifruits and many others, will provide nutrition to the healthy bacteria.

The same action described above for cleansing your body applies to reducing populations of parasites and other unhealthy bacteria. Diatomaceous Earth is millions of years old, and it's the fossil remains of prehistoric algae. The fossil remains are hard and bear resemblance to the crushed shells of the algae and that is the property that makes it gently abrasive to human tissue. Yet at the same time it's deadly to bacteria, parasites, and internal fungus such as the yeast, Candida albicans.

When these microscopic organisms encounter DE in your body, they are literally sliced, diced, and no longer pose a threat to your body. DE has other mechanisms of eliminating harmful organisms, as well. Also, DE really does not discriminate when it comes to microscopic organisms in your body. That's why it's important to replenish your system with healthy bacteria found in probiotic foods.

There are many other positive and healthy benefits found in Diatomaceous Earth. The mineral Silica is the predominant component that confers positive support to you and that's another reason and manner in which you can help your body help itself. DE can seem to be a super hero in the most natural way. It deserves your attention if you want to boost your health and immune system.

























3.6. Diatomaceous Earth for Weight Loss


Just when you thought it was safe to go outside, along comes another method to lose weight. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is not a wonder substance and it will not make your heart race like ephedra, either. You can think about it as a completely natural way to help your body take care of itself, though. Eating and lifestyle habits in some countries, like the US, are so unhealthy.

There are many things that contribute to weight gain and it's a cumulative process. An intestinal tract that's filled with debris and undigested food is a breeding ground for organisms (bacteria) and even parasites. In time, you have a toxic environment that attacks your immune system and entire body. Your body becomes less efficient with absorbing the nutrients you need. What is the result of this unhealthy process?

Eventually you will experience lower energy, a lethargic feeling, and weight gain. There can be a host of other effects, but weight gain is what we're most concerned about, here. An unhealthy build-up of undigested waste in your lower gastrointestinal (GI) tract is very common. All that waste being carried around (24/7) contributes to more toxicity. It's a nasty cycle that will not improve on its own.

So what do you need to do, and how can Diatomaceous Earth help you?

Perhaps one of the most important properties of DE is silica. It's a natural component along with other minerals. Your body uses silica for so many processes that contribute to staying healthy. However, once silica is ingested, then it goes to work destroying unhealthy bacteria, parasites, and yeasts such as Candida albicans. We all have a certain (healthy) level of the Candida yeast and you really never want to try and kill all of it.

DE is a natural way to help detoxify your body. The mechanism involves eradicating unhealthy living organisms. The mechanical structure of DE, formed from the outer shell of the algae from which it's derived, has a natural scrubbing effect. What happens is DE scrubs and scrapes away all that accumulated waste from the walls of your lower GI tract.

Now you can see how DE can help with weight loss and detox in a most natural way. As expected, the US Food and Drug Administration has not signed-off on DE. But that's not surprising if you follow the on-going back and forth between the FDA and natural approaches.

Using Diatomaceous Earth is pretty simple and straightforward. Be sure to use food grade DE only for internal use. Food grade quality means the DE has been essentially cleaned from naturally occurring living organisms. Simply follow the directions for safe use which is adding a small amount to the beverage of choice.


3.7. The 7 Day Diatomaceous Earth Detox Diet Cleanse

In this chapter, we’ll present the most effective diet to help you lose tremendous weight when you are on Diatomaceous Earth Supplementation. It is especially created for those who are too heavy and they need to drop the weight fast and clean. It is a vegetarian diet that combines elements from the Danish one, and others.





Day I

Morning: 3-4 organic raised eggs with chopped onions, bell peppers (even favorite herbs) with 16oz of freshly juiced/squeezed orange juice

Lunch: 1 Lettuce salad with chopped cucumber, onions, bell peppers, sprouts, favorite nuts and seeds

Dinner: Lentil soup with potato, cumin, olive oil, bell peppers, and onion

Day II


Morning: Steel cut oatmeal with honey and coconut oil with side of fresh fruit

Lunch: Sprouted Grain sandwich with chopped up cucumber, peppers, onions, and lite mayo/veganese

Dinner: Brown rice with steamed asparagus, broccoli, and onion marinated in lemon/lime



Morning: 3-4 organic raised eggs with chopped onions, bell peppers (even favorite herbs) with 16oz of freshly juiced/squeezed orange juice

Lunch: green salad made with lemon, olive oil, chopped veggies, and mandarins

Dinner: Mahi-Mahi with brown rice and avocado






Day IV


Morning: Steel cut oatmeal with honey and coconut oil with side of fresh fruit


Lunch: 16-32oz of green juice (celery, cucumber, apples, kale, spinach, lime)


Dinner: Shrimp and scallop seared in garlic lime with organic brown rice pasta noodles

Day V


Morning: 16-32oz of green juice (celery, cucumber, apples, kale, spinach, lime) & favorite fruit

Lunch: 200g Quinoa cooked with lemon and one teaspoon of butter


Dinner: Organic mashed potatoes with steamed broccoli, asparagus, and onion

Day VI


Morning: 3-4 organic raised eggs with chopped onions, bell peppers (even favorite herbs) with 16oz of freshly juiced/squeezed orange juice

Lunch: Favorite veggie soup

Dinner: Lentil soup with potato, cumin, olive oil, bell peppers, and onion


Morning: Morning walk, excitement of completion of a superior 7 day natural cleanse

Lunch: Enjoy your favorite meal but do not forget all the progress. Try to avoid cheese, excess diary, and fried foods

Dinner: Think free and keep allowing the body to naturally cleanse itself with high vibrational foods full of liquid nutrition the body craves!

Keep your self well-hydrated, though, to avoid a chance of constipation. And remember, more is not always better so use with common sense and judicious approach.

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