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Silica Supplements Review

The last few years have witnessed an exponential rise in the number of silica-supplements on sale. On the Internet alone, there are more than two dozens such silica supplements on offer, and counting. People buy these silica supplements in search of various things.

Why Take Silica Supplements?

For some, it is in a bid to improve their bone health, as that is said to be one of the things with which silica-supplements can be of help.

For others, it is in a bid to improve their skin appearance, as this is something that silica is said to have the potential to help with.

For others still, it is in search of hormonal balance (and the many health benefits that comes with), which is still another promise that silica supplements come with.

And yet for others – who are of interest to us in this discussion – use of silica-supplement is in search of a cure to the hair-loss problem.

Silica For Hair Growth

Now as one goes out to buy a silica-supplement in the hope that it can help them with their hair and nail appearance, they tend to be in a situation where they can't really know what to expect out of it all. They will, subsequently, tend to have a number of questions in their mind, which they would prefer to get answers to; before proceeding to purchase the silica supplement for this purpose.

As far as diatomaceous earth silica supplements go, SilaLive is one of the most appreciated and pure.

In a nutshell, what a person who is considering buying a silica supplement in a bid to slow down hair-loss will want to know is whether the silica supplement can really help in that regard, by way of slowing down the hair-loss.

Can Silica Grow Hair?

So, can the SilaLive supplement really slow down hair loss?

There are a number of directions we can look for answers to the question as to whether a silica supplement can really help to slow down hair loss. The first is would be by looking at the experiences of people who have used it in search of the same benefit.

This is where it turns out that a considerable percentage of the people who have used silica in a bid to slow down hair loss had obtained some benefit in that respect. It is definitely not all of them who have done so, but a good percentage has definitely experienced this benefit.

This shows that silica supplementation can help in at least some cases of hair loss, depending largely on what is causing the hair loss.

The second direction in which we can seek for answers to the question as to whether a silica supplement can really slow down hair loss is that of scientific community, where we would be trying to see whether there have been any studies in this area. And as it turns out, there have been a number of studies carried out in this area. These would include a prominent one in the former USSR, where silica use was seen to slow down hair loss in a considerable percentage of subjects.

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  1. Mike K

    Can you please list your top 5 silica foods to take and use for the best absorption? I have read cucumbers can be great – can you recommend others to start off with? thanks!

    • Mark

      Here are a few. Bananas are one of the highest concentrations.

      – Bananas
      – Beer
      – High Bran Cereal
      – Wholegrain Bread
      – Green Beans
      – Raw Carrots
      – Brown & White Rice

  2. Lilly Bridges

    I have been diagnosed with low hemoglobin..red blood cells low…blood count low….can detox diatomaceous earth help??

  3. Beatrice Hibbard

    I recently bought diatomaceous earth grade at the health food store. I am fine taking it but this has (house hold) on the package. Is this still ok for me to take it?

    • ega Munoz

      No only consume the food grade one.

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