What Is Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth?


What is Diatomaceous Earth?

Also known as DE, Diatomaceous Earth is a form of sedimentary rock that builds the plankton in oceans and ponds. It is being formed from fossilized remains that are known as diatoms. These tiny sea creatures lived and died by millions. They collected on the bottom of the sea until they became one with the land. This goes back to the Jurassic period.

When observed, diatomaceous looks exactly like a fine powder. It is a light substance with a high porosity. However, DE goes beyond being just a fine powder. When placed under microscope, the glass looking fine shards of silica can be observed.

How Do People Use Dietary Food Grade DE?

Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade

Until a few years ago, humans used DE as an insecticide. It seems this element is the ultimate pest control tool. More than this, it is very safe and cost efficient. Being natural and filled with silica, the risk involved with using DE is minimal.

In soil management, diatomaceous earth is being employed for its amazing absorbing qualities. Farmers use it to dry areas that are too wet. Urine in kennels and stables is being dried with the same DE.

Other uses of this substance are maintaining the overall health of domestic animals, flea and thick control and parasite cleanse.

Health benefits of Diatomaceous Earth


Studies have shown DE is one of the greatest detoxifiers. Its molecular and porous structure has the ability to attract and trap heavy metals and toxins. When in the bloodstream, it soaks up mercury, infections, e-coli, drug deposits and so on.

As a weight loss accelerator, Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth dissolves the excess weight and keeps the bad cholesterol levels down. When the fat stored in cells gets burned more rapidly, the entire body starts to drop weight more naturally and easily.

Blood pressure levels are known to be decreased by DE consumption. Those suffering from elevated blood pressure levels need to use diatomaceous earth as their main health supplement.

The high silica level in DE makes it possible for the skin and healthy of the consumer to remain young and good looking. Silica is known to be one of the most effective anti-aging minerals. After only two weeks of using the product, you will notice your skin and hair looks much better. They will cast a young glow and a better shine and strength.

Side Effects of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth?

diatomaceous earth supplementLuckily for us, DE does not have a bad taste. You could mix it with water, juice or foods. It is better to use it in the morning, as it is known to elevate the energy levels. Since it is 100% natural and organic, there are no side effects associated with the consumption of this health supplement. Since it contains high quantities of crystallized silica, diatomaceous earth can’t be inhaled. This action would damage the lungs.

Even those who apply it on livestock or land wear masks when working with it. The way the final product has been obtained is also very important. If you want to consume it as a health supplement, check its label and see if it has been naturally processed.

Best Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade Supplement

We had to choose the SilaLive Silica supplement. It is one of the primary silica supplements that offer both forms in high quality food grade diatomaceous earth combined with pure orthosilicic acid. This is a big deal and we will not stop telling people about the benefits of mother nature's best kept secret and miracle mineral!

diatomaceous supplement


  1. Melissa B

    I cant believe I have been using diatomaceous all these years only to come to find out how healthy it is for humans too! What a shock. I mean I have used this for my pets and barn animals, used this for my pool out back, and also have used it in the small garden we just got put up a few springs ago! how incredible is this substance, I guess it truly is the grass of the sea, land and people!

  2. Mary

    Is it safe for nursing mothers

  3. Henry Phelps

    How long and how often is it safe to take it? What are side affect can I expect?

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